© 2017 Apollonia Bitzan

Upcoming Concerts:

Fri, 18.01.2019 - Replugged, Vienna

Past Shows:

Wed, 26.09.2018 - Brunnengasse, Vienna
Tue, 21.06.2018 - Rhiz, Vienna
Wed, 11.04.2018 - Postgarage, Graz
Tue, 05.12.2017 - Rhiz, Vienna
Sat, 07.10.2017 - Altes Kino, Landeck
Sat, 16.09.2017 - Freiraum, St. Pölten
Sat, 18.06.2017 - Consequent Audio Studio Party, Vienna
Thu, 15.06.2017 - Jazz Nights, Stadtwerkstatt, Linz
Thu, 08.06.2017 - Album Release, Kramladen, Vienna
Thu, 04.10.2016 - Fluc, Vienna

Dive into the musical universe of the Whitescape from Vienna/Austria,
founded by multiinstrumentalist and performer Andreas Hellweger.

Immerse into this forceful music and it'll never let you go again

Current liveband members: Andreas Hellweger (voc, git, keys), Lukas Aichinger (dr, perc),
Lukas Leitner (keys, synth), Rory O'Hara (bass, fx)
Tobias Pöcksteiner (voc, bass)

Photo: Apollonia Bitzan